Hyper Chick (hyperchick0424) wrote in newagebliss,
Hyper Chick

Favorite Bands/Artists: Blink 182, Good Charlotte, Sum 41, Simple Plan, Linkin' Park, Yellowcard, afi, the all american rejects, Ramstein, The Vandals, American hi-fi, Story of the year, Nickleback, Adema
Favorite Store:uh.. too many to choose, ill just put a few: Pac Sun, Rave, Ulta, basically the mall
Favorite Food: theres too much of that too... ice cream, burgers, pizza, fettuchini alrfredo, italian
Hobbies: i love listening to music, working out, hanging out with my friends, painting, art, band
Favorite Lyric and Why: from i'd do anything, simple plan "Another day, is going by, i'm thinkin about you all the time, but your out there, and i'm here waitin" because my best friend, jasmine, who just joined this community moved. i will never have a friend as good as her in my entire life. i miss her so much.
What is your sense of humor like?: my friends and my family think i'm pretty funny, so i guess i do too. my mom says that i am the only blonde that will tell a blonde joke.
Tell me a joke: my jokes aren't really like stand-up, there more like spur of the moment, but sometimes i tell jokes. i can't really think of one right now. it has to be in a comvorsation or something.
What's your focus/goal in life?: i have many. i like to have many friends, so i constantly try to meet new people. i want to live in germany with my best friend. i would also like to visit her inbetween this time. i would like to be successful in my job, whatever it may be.
What does it mean to you to be hip, or "on the wave"?: be popular, or to wear all the "trendy stuff"
What can you contribute to this generation?: my uniqueness.
What is your description of love?:when 2 people are great friends and they want to spend the rest of their life together.
Describe you in one word: caring
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