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hey yo

Name: Megan
Sex: Female
Age: 14
Location: Virginia
Favorite Bands/Artists: Yellowcard, Mest, Sugarcult, Blink 182, Senses Fail, Trapt
Favorite Store: PacSun and Kohls
Favorite Food: french fries, and mac&cheese
Hobbies: snowboarding, reading, running, sitting on the computer all day
Favorite Lyric and Why: "there's nothing in this world that you can't be if you want it enough"
b/c its just true
What is your sense of humor like?: random, sarcastic
Tell me a joke: Okay a blonde girl has just gotten fired, b/c her boss says that she's a dumb blonde. All her life she's been considered this, and was getting tired of it. While she is driving down the road when she sees a blonde girl in the middle of a wheat field rowing a canoe. So, she pulls over, gets on the roof, and says,"YOU IDIOT!! IT'S BLONDES LIKE YOU WHO GIVE BLONDES LIKE US A BAD NAME!! IF I COULD SWIM I'D COME OUT THERE AND KICK YOUR ASS!!"
What's your focus/goal in life?: get outta this 2-stoplight town, have a good job, be happy
What does it mean to you to be hip, or "on the wave"?: it means you stylin'
What can you contribute to this generation?: listening and giving advice
What is your description of love?: You don't care when there breath stinks, their hairs greasy, they're all sweaty from running, or what have you, all you care about is being with them.
Describe you in one word: indescribable
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