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Name: Allison
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Location: Houston, Texas
Favorite Bands/Artists: Oh I pretty much listen to everything, because I have no preference.
Favorite Store: Barneys in my hometown of New York. Man, I miss that place.
Favorite Food: Smoothies. I really don't eat very much though.
Hobbies: Shopping, writing, reading, listening to music, dance team, drama club, being in love.
Favorite Lyric and Why: "Hello there...angel from my nightmare" in that blink-182 song, for some reason, it made me think about my ex who I thought was this angel because he was always so perfect, then it turned out he was sleeping with this other girl. Which would be my nightmare. So, angel from my nightmare. It very much spoke to me.
What is your sense of humor like?: Sarcastic. And very rarely showing, I'm pretty soft-spoken most of the time.
Tell me a joke: Okay -- the guy that Britney Spears is getting married to is a very lucky guy, he'll see the one inch of her body that the public hasn't seen yet. It's not very funny, but it made me laugh when I read it.
What's your focus/goal in life?: I guess in retrospect I just want to look back on my life and be happy with everything that I've accomplished and will accomplish. I hope to have very little regrets.
What does it mean to you to be hip, or "on the wave"?: It means a lot to me, considering in society we have to be hip or "on the wave" or else we're considered "nerds" or "geeks".
What can you contribute to this generation?: I want to be a trendsetter and a musician, and I hope that my lyrics will someday touch the lives of a lot of people. Sounds really corny, but it's very true.
What is your description of love?: Caring for someone so much that you would kill yourself for them. And being better, just because they're there.
Describe you in one word: Thoughtful.

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